We aim to make our centre a working partnership with parents, staff, management, and the community. We aim to be a centre which is a friendly, secure place for children and where independence and individuality is valued. A place where children can play and learn in a natural environment combining an indoor and outdoor program through an emergent curriculum.

The pre-school program is a play based environment centered on the children’s interests and teacher initiated learning experiences. Our role as educators is to support and encourage children to facilitate, extend and resource their own learning through interactions with peers, educators and their environment. The children are encouraged to take responsibility, show independence and engage in shared learning which promotes social skills. Encouraging a spontaneous interest in literacy is also a strong component of our philosophy, supporting a smooth transition to formal schooling. Communication and input between families, staff and children is essential for the continuity of children’s learning.

  • Management
  • Staff
  • Families
  • Children
  • Community
  • Theorists
  • We Value

We Value

  • Child centred family practice.
  • A program that provides education through play based learning and continuity yet is flexible enough to meet the individual needs and challenges of children.
  • Staff who are professional and practise leadership within the early childhood profession.
  • Developing Partnerships with families.
  • Community involvement.
  • Commitment to Quality improvement.

I am very satisfied with the centres kindergarten program at Monash Vale ELC, my eldest son has been attending the centre for 5 years and the centre has done a great job in transition him into Primary School .I am very confident with all the skills that he has developed over the years at Monash Vale giving me the confidence in sending my second child whom is still currently attending the centre.

Michael Piper

After our son’s day-care centre closed we looked extensively around for a new one. We decided on Monash Vale due the friendly family atmosphere, the wide variety of facilities (indoors and out) and programs offered for the children. When our second child required day-care it was an easy decision to enrol her at Monash Vale as well. Our experience with all the staff has always been positive and we have no hesitation recommending Monash Vale to any parents.

Mark Blundell