Kindergarten Program

Monash Vale and Bridge Road Early Learning Centres run an approved funded Kindergarten. A planned program is delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher for children that have turned 4 by the 30th April.
The educators in the preschool room work together with the children to implement a rich learning programme that is based around the children’s interests. We actively promote school readiness using our knowledge of how children learn through play. We work in partnership with parents, educators, management and the community to enrich children’s learning.
We have an emergent curriculum which means we plan, implement, and evaluate in a cycle as interests come about. These are inquiry-based experiences, involving the children to enrich learning as we co-construct knowledge and ideas together. We incorporate ‘The Early Years Framework within our programming and planning.
We have a strong philosophy that children learn best when they are directly involved and engaged in hands-on learning experiences. Emphasis is also placed on supporting and encouraging verbal interactions, engaging in group discussions and co-constructing knowledge and ideas between educators, children and their peers.
The approved preschool programme runs Monday-Friday as part of the long day care program.
Children enrolled in our approved Kindergarten program will have preference of days.

Yearly Goals

  • Relationships
  • Build strong relationships between children, their families and educators by making connections between home and centre and encouraging a warm, caring environment for the children to interact with each other and built friendships
  • Celebrating and acknowledging cultural diversity
  • Support and encourage children to embrace diversity by celebrating different cultural traditions and ceremonies that are relevant to the children in the pre-school room
  • Encouraging interdependence
  • Work with the children to establish routines and limits which will help to ensure the programme runs smoothly. Encourage the children to become independent and responsible within the pre-school environment by having clearly labelled areas so that they can confidently access resources and look after their own belongings

School Readiness

Throughout the year we incorporate into our program specific goals and activities to help prepare your child for school.

  • School transition
  • Managing all self-help skills
  • Managing their belongings
  • Recognising their names
  • Learning road safety and Stranger danger
  • Healthy lunch boxes and managing a lunch box e.g. what to eat first
  • Group Time

We provide children an opportunity to participate as a group through a music and movement program a gross motor activity program. Puppet shows, storytelling, games and role play. Celebrating cultural events, and Indigenous days.


The program is based on an emergent curriculum and it is displayed in the room for parents to read and also to discuss any experiences or ideas you may like to contribute.

Parent/Teacher interviews are held twice a year, which gives the opportunity for the educators and families to discuss their child’s progress and transition. The educator will develop each child’s portfolios which will provide insight into your child’s journey, growth, progress and development throughout the year. It will contain a variety of artworks, dialogues, stories, play situations, happenings, teacher initiated activities and special events that made the year a positive journey.

Outdoor Program

We offer an indoor outdoor program in an environment which provides the children with opportunity to especially extend on the gross motor development, and social interaction. This includes sand-pits and areas to set up equipment for climbing, sliding, balancing and jumping.

Vegetable and herb gardens provide children an opportunity to learn about the environment.

We have a large undercover decking that provides children with activities to explore a range of social, imaginary and role play.

Parent Participation

At our service we encourage and invite all parents to participate in our program. This is achieved through a variety of ways some examples:

  • If you play a musical instrument
  • New baby bathing demonstration
  • Visits from Grandparents
  • Doing some gardening
  • Reading a story
  • A culturally significant activity
  • Cooking
  • Teaching a new song of dance from your culture /home language
  • Bring in photos or souvenirs from a trip (overseas or interstate or visit (zoo or aquarium)
  • Skills that could be shared. E.g. Police /Fire Person, lifeguard, Dentist, Doctor, Scientist, teacher, Dietician or tradesmen

There are a lot of ways you can be an active participant within the centre, and all ideas are welcome

Meal Times

Well balanced meals from the 5 food groups are provided for the children that are freshly cooked in our kitchen. All children’s dietary and individual needs are catered for. Halal meat is provided and vegetarian meals offered. All children’s dietary and individual needs are catered for. A lunch menu is displayed out-side the kitchen window and rotates over four weeks.

Transition and Learning and Development Statements

The children will have an evaluation completed mid-year followed by a parent /teacher discussion and in term 4 a transition learning development statement under the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework will be completed to cover:

  • Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
  • Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

It is important that you fill out the parent section (Part One; The Family – Section A, B and C) and that it is returned and signed.

A Positive Start To School Initiative

Starting school is a major transition for children and their families. It’s a time of change that can be both challenging and exciting, in which children and families adjust to new roles, identities and expectations, new interactions and new relationships.

(Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework)

I am very satisfied with the centres kindergarten program at Monash Vale ELC, my eldest son has been attending the centre for 5 years and the centre has done a great job in transition him into Primary School .I am very confident with all the skills that he has developed over the years at Monash Vale giving me the confidence in sending my second child whom is still currently attending the centre.

Michael Piper

After our son’s day-care centre closed we looked extensively around for a new one. We decided on Monash Vale due the friendly family atmosphere, the wide variety of facilities (indoors and out) and programs offered for the children. When our second child required day-care it was an easy decision to enrol her at Monash Vale as well. Our experience with all the staff has always been positive and we have no hesitation recommending Monash Vale to any parents.

Mark Blundell