Our Early Learning Centres are a family operated service which are passionate about Quality Care and Education.

Room allocations (Bridge Road Early Learning Centre)
  • Nursery Room (6 moths to 2 ½ years old)
  • Pre-Kinder (2 – 3½ years old)
  • 4 Year old Kindergarten
  • Three years old Kindergarten program (must turn 3 by the 30th April)
  • Four years old kindergarten program (must turn 4 by the 30th April)
Room allocations (Monash Vale Early Learning Centre)
  • Nursery Room (6 months to 18 months old)
  • Toddler (18 months to 2½ years old)
  • Pre-Kinder (2½ – 3½ years old)
  • 3 Year Old Kindergarten
  • 4 Year Old Kindergarten
  • Three year old Kindergarten program (must turn 3 by the 30th April)
  • Four year old Kindergarten program (must turn 4 by the 30th April)
Sign in and out procedure

When you arrive at the centre, please sign your child/ren into the allocated attendance record located in the foyer. This is used as a tool for an emergency and is also used for CCB and CCR purposes. When you arrive to pick your child up from the centre, please sign them out.

When you pick your child up, please sign them out. Please ask the educators in your child’s room or management to show you.

Educators and training

All educators are qualified to work in our early childhood setting and hold a minimum certificate III in Children’s Services. All our educators are trained in First Aid, CPR, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Food Handlers and Child Protection. Management and educators in the three and four year old rooms hold a Bachelor in Early Childhood or equivalent and both services have a Registered nurse.


In the early childhood setting curriculum is defined by all the interactions, experiences, activities and routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development. The Framework puts children’s learning at the core and comprises three inter-related elements: Principles, Practice and Learning Outcomes. All three elements are fundamental to early childhood pedagogy and curriculum decision-making. Curriculum encompasses all the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occurs in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development. The emphasis in the Framework is on the planned or intentional aspects of the curriculum. Children are receptive to a wide range of experiences. What is included or excluded from the curriculum affects how children learn, develop and understand the world. The Framework supports a model of curriculum decision-making as an ongoing cycle. This involves educators drawing on their professional knowledge, including their in-depth knowledge of each child. Working in partnership with families, educators use the Learning Outcomes to guide their planning for children’s learning. In order to engage children actively in learning, educators identify children’s strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies and design the learning environment.

Do you have a funded four year old kindergarten program at your centre with a qualified kindergarten teacher?

Yes, at Bridge Road and Monash Vale Early Learning Centres we have a funded four year old kindergarten program and employ two kindergarten teachers who hold a Bachelor of Education. Our Kindergarten programs are the same as a council run kindergartens and private schools. The difference is we operate our kindergarten program through our long day care with the program running from 8.30am to 5.45pm Monday to Friday and are open 50 weeks a year and open all school holidays catering to all family and work situations.

Do we provide extra-curricular activities?
  • The centre provides a yoga program for the 3yr old and 4yr old program every Monday afternoon.
  • The centre provides a science program for the 4yr old Kindergarten Program every Tuesday afternoon.
  • Kelly Sports program: is provided for the pre-kinder and 3yr old and 4yr old programs every Wednesday.
  • Music is a program provided every Thursday morning for the toddler, pre-kinder, 3yr old and 4yr old rooms.
  • A literacy program is provided for the 4 year old kindergarten program every Friday morning
  • We also provide extra curricular incursions.
Is there a minimum days my child can attend?

Yes, a minimum of two days.

How do we assess the waiting list?

We assess the waiting list on a monthly basis or if a vacancy opens. The waiting list is assessed a month before your requested enrolment date. Positions are offered according to the days requested, your child’s age and availabilities in the room.


For many children who enter our centre, it is the first experience of being separated from their parents/families. To overcome separation anxiety, it is important that parents and educators work together to build that special relationship which ensures the transition from home to our centre is as smooth and anxiety free as possible. Even if your child has been separated from you before, they will undergo an adjustment period.  Orientation plays an important role within the settling process of your child. Our recommended steps ensure each child’s transition is a successful and positive one.

Orientation number 1

We recommend you arrive at 9.30am and stay with your child for one hour. This is a suitable time for your child to explore their new environment whilst having someone familiar around. It is also a good opportunity to get to know your child’s educator and discuss your child’s routine and interests.

Orientation number 2

We recommend you arrive at the same time as orientation number one and pass on any relevant information to the educator. We suggest you leave your child for two hours at the centre to assist them to become familiar with the new environment, and educators.

Orientation number 3

We recommend you arrive at 9.30am, and leave your child at the centre for half a day. Orientation three will build on the relationships formed in orientations one and two and the educators will begin to introduce the child into the current curriculum.

Catch up meeting

If you would like a catch up meeting a month after your child has started, please discuss this with the educators in the room.


There are two schemes set up by the Government to assist families with the cost of child care. They are Child Care Benefit and the 50% Child Care Rebate. Click on the links below for further information.

It is up to families to register for Child Care Benefit and the 50% Child Care Rebate with the Family Assistance Office on 136150. Families will then receive a Customer Reference Number and a Child Reference Number – both of these numbers need to be provided to the centre before any assistance can be applied.

Family participation

We actively seek and encourage families to be involved in our service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, sharing skills and experiences that the children and the program will benefit from. If you are interested please see the educator in your room to organise a suitable time to participate within the program.

Updated information

With the exception of daily routine changes which will be passed onto your child’s educators, it is the family’s responsibility to provide management with any updated information regarding your child’s allergies, holidays, centrelink information.

Other Medication (must be handed to the office and the medication record filled out. We will not administer medication that has not previously been administered)

What we provide

Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea and a light snack for supper. Milk, water and S26 formula are provided throughout the day. Sippy cups are also provided for the Toddler Room. We provide sheets, blankets, wet wipes and nappies.

What do I need to bring in for my child?

We ask parents to bring:

  • Spare clothes suitable for all weather conditions,
  • Hat (in sun smart applicable seasons)
  • Dummies, comfort toy, sleepy sacks
  • Empty Milk bottles for the children in the toddler room. (unless breast milk or alternative formula to s26 which then must be handed over to the educator in the room and the bottle handover form signed on a day to day basis.)
  • Ventolin and Epipen must either be left in the child’s room or brought every day of the child’s attendance. If your child does not have their Ventolin or epipen with them, they will not be permitted to stay. You must check your child’s medication has not expired or run out at the start of every month. You must sign a medication check sheet stating that you have checked this.
  • Other Medication (must be handed to the office and the medication record filled out. We will not administer medication that has not previously been administered)
  • Nappy rash cream- if your child has nappy rash cream you are to fill out a long term medication form giving permission for the educators to apply nappy rash cream when required. The centre does not supply cream due to health reasons.

Rain coats and gumboots for rainy days.

Can we bring our own food?

No. We have children in the centre with allergies and no food is to be brought into the centre. Parents can bring in breast milk or alternative formula to S26. If a child has a birthday, the children and educators can make a cake for that child. No cake or lollies are to be brought into the centre.


The centre provides all meals which are based on the Australian guidelines and approved by the Smiles for Miles Program. We offer nutritious healthy meals which are made fresh daily on the premises.

How do I pay my fees to the centre?

Payments are to be debited once a week and are to be two weeks in advance.

How do I know what my child has done throughout the day?

The Educators will communicate with you when you pick up your child. There is also an online portfolio and communication app called Story Park, a reflection book and daily book you can refer to.

Does the centre follow any sun safety guidance?

Yes, the sun smart website is checked daily and if the UV rays are above 3, sunscreen is applied every two hours and hats are to be worn. If the UV is above 3 and your child has no hat, they are to play in the shade for the day. Alternative sunscreen can be brought in and left at the centre if your child is sensitive to the centre sunscreen.

Doctor visit

Dr Chan attends Monash Vale Early Learning Centre every Wednesday morning from 10.00/10.30 (excluding term holidays) and Bridge Road Early Learning Centre every Thursday morning from 9.00/9.30 (excluding term holidays). Dr Chan is a GP who attends early childhood settings to provide check-ups, vaccinations and scripts.

What is our immunisation, illness, accident and medication policy and procedure?

All children are to be immunised to attend Bridge Road ELC and Monash Vale ELC. It is your responsibility to provide the centre with updated immunisation records. If an outbreak occurs and your child is not old enough to have the immunisation, you will be asked to pick up your child.
If your child has a temperature, we will administer Panadol (if permission is given on your enrolment form) if the temperature remains above 37.5, you will be asked to come and collect them. You will be asked to collect your child if they have any other illness deemed infectious or if your child is deemed too unwell for care. For any infectious diseases, a medical certificate will be required before your child can attend the centre.

In case of an accident or illness, parents will be informed and a form will be left at the reception desk for you to sign.

Medication is to be signed in and handed over at the reception desk. A medication form is to be filled in correctly and the medication labelled with the child’s name or medication cannot be administered. At the end of the day, you can collect the medication from reception and sign the medication form to acknowledge the medication was administered.


A full week fees will be required at the last day of orientation. Fees must be paid in advance in full and will be modified when centrelink informs us of how much they are contributing to your fees.
Payments are to be two weeks in advance at all times.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure you are up to date with your payments, that you have applied for centrelink and that your centrelink is up to date. All correct information needs to be forwarded to the centre as soon as possible.

Fees are paid on booked care not on attendance. If absent for any reason fees still apply.