“Throughout our lives we continue to learn and develop new skills and abilities, it develops from the moment we are born.”

It has been understood that the early years of a child’s life is the most important for learning and developing. It is in the early years of development where a child’s foundations are laid and we begin to develop skills that will continued to be built from childhood, to the teenage year and finally into adulthood.

According to many studies, it is in a child’s first five years of their life which is the most important. The early learning programs provided has long term impacts on their cognitive and social development that will begin to build in those first five years and continue to build onto that foundation as they grow older look at this web-site.

Research has shown according to the Department of Education, that many children who have participated in these early learning programs as a child have a higher level of social and cognitive development that children who have not. Those first five years in a child’s life is critical and it is important for that child’s development to be provided real opportunities for learning and to develop those skills such as social communication and interaction during those years.

During the early years of a child’s life a foundation of learning is ‘built’ and it is important that during this time positive experiences and relationships with the child are developed. It is through the positive relationships that a child that affects the development of the brain in a healthy way.

Any negative experiences such as abuse and neglect affect the child’s brain development in harmful way that can contribute to children having emotional and behaviour issues in the future. The experiences in early years are enormously important to a child’s development and ensuring a child has the opportunities for learning and through positive experiences.

At Monash Vale ELC we believe that the early years of a child’s life is the most important for their development. The implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework impacts their social and cognitive learning. We aim to provide to implement learning environment where children are able to develop the tools they need to succeed with the combination of qualified educators and providing effective learning environments. We are passionate about providing and ensuring a safe and nurturing environment to develop the foundations for their present and future.

Posted By Shanika Dantanarayana

Early Childhood educator, 3 Year old Kinder Room, Monash Vale Early Learning Centre

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education